Welcome to DIP Community!

We are glad to each of our participants, we hope you will teach us something new, and we will tell you something interesting


Briefly about us

Learning together is easier, together we are stronger!

Our community is created for anyone who is looking for help, who wants to know more, who is learning something new, or for those who are just looking for a company for the evening


We try to cover all programming languages, but our community depends on how much and what we know =)


This includes not only system administrators, the same programmers or devops, we are ready to study with you: design, 3D modeling, Etc. Everything is learned better together, and it's more fun.


This is our comfort corner. In our opinion, every programmer, or every third, plays video games. Here we just share some information, collect our teams for any games. In short, let's relax and have fun together!

Where to begin?

We divide our community into regions. We started with Ukraine. If your region is not there, be sure to write to us. Let's start!

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